Quiver Plan Generator


The generator brings a little bit of science to the task of planning your quiver. It is better to space your sails using a percentage rather than a fixed amount of say 0.5 metre. To use the generator, enter your key sail size and click generate. Choices for key sail in order of preference are:-
  • The optimum sail for one of your boards
    (Ideally the generated quiver will include the optimum sails for all your boards. If not you may have the wrong combination of boards, or too large an increment).
  • A favourite sail size that you want your quiver to include
  • The smallest or largest sail that you would normally use

To cater for the wide range of sailor types from wave to light wind, the generator produces a table of quivers from 10 to 20%. Each quiver has 5 sails below and 5 sails above the key sail. Note: If your largest sail is bigger than 6.0 then it can safely be half a square metre or so larger than the generator indicates.

Key Sail Size?
Round to 1 decimal place 2 decimal places