I'm a keen windsurfer and I created Windsurfer World for my own use.

I noticed that I regularly visited the same websites to check the weather, look for used windsurfing gear and to follow my other interest which is Formula 1 Motor Racing.

Apart from that I had collected or developed several useful tools such as the quiver planner and speed converter plus a few games and some useful reference material like the Beaufort Wind Scale.

I enjoy reading other peoples views on the equipment they sail and the places they go to so my views on those matters might be of interest to others.

It made sense to have all of this in one place and Windsurfer World was the result.

The picture is of me arriving at Tobia Island in the Red Sea which is 3.8km from the beach I was staying at. The island is upwind on the way out but the blast back is a broad reach and takes approximately 6 glorious minutes when the wind is up.

Happy windsurfing

Rob Stevenson